6 Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

6 Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

Feeling good during your travels is the number one factor for a successful trip. However, with all the planning and organization of the trip, people often forget to take care of themselves. They often overlook the self-care during travels and fail to pay special attention to their health. And with the current situation related to the global pandemic, we need to make sure our health is protected at all times. We’ve got some tips for staying healthy while traveling and protecting others while visiting your favorite destinations.

1. Start preparing in advance

Nothing truly beneficial for your health will show its effects immediately. Whether you’re taking supplements, practicing a healthy diet, or taking some homemade remedies – each of these takes time. That’s why it’s essential to start boosting your immune system even before the trip. Maintaining a strong immune system is vital even when you’re not traveling, but it’s necessary to focus on it more before going on a trip. Therefore, start taking vitamin C or some other supplements recommended by your doctor, and start with a healthier diet. Fruits and vegetables contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals that will keep your body strong and healthy.

2. Hydration

Our bodies consist mostly of water, and therefore, the lack of it can cause some severe damage to our organism. It’s a long list of reasons why keeping hydrated at all times is crucial for your health. Water will keep you energized and awake, stronger, and help any healing process in your body. So, if you’re not a water person, try to change that before the trip and keep that habit while traveling, too. One way to keep yourself hydrated is by installing an app on your phone. Water reminder apps will send a notification when it’s time to drink another glass of water. Also, always keep a bottle of water with you while traveling, and take regular sips, especially during flights.

3. Avoid stress

Believe it or not, stress is the most common cause of illness and a weakened immune system. Even though this year has brought many negative situations along with the global pandemic, try to find something good in each day. Instead of stressing about certain things, try to find ways to become more efficient and figure out solutionsto your problems. Avoid stress whenever you can, since it shows its effects when you least expect it – especially during a long-awaited journey when you can finally relax.


Figure 1 The key to feeling well while traveling is feeling good about yourself and avoiding stress.

alt.tag: a woman in Paris is feeling good while traveling.

Don’t forget: Travelling doesn’t only happen for pleasure. People often need to relocate their homes and travel long-distance. And since relocation is also a challenge now a days, be sure to plan your move well and stay healthy during that process, too. Planning will reduce the amount of stress you experience, while a healthy diet and other good habits will help you feel good and strong.

4. Hygiene

Even though it seems there’s no need to talk about this, it’s one of the critical tips for staying healthy while traveling, especially during the global pandemic. As germs and viruses spread quickly among the passengers on the same plane, train, or cruise ship, it is imperative to keep your hands clean and sanitized.  Wet wipes, hand sanitizer, alcohol sprays should be your best traveling buddies and keep your hands and everything you carry nice and clean. If you’re traveling during a pandemic, don’t forget to bring a pack of face masks, as well!

5. Physical activity

Travelling can be very demanding – long-flights or drives, sightseeing, etc. That’s why being active before the trip will help you have more energy and also stay healthy. Physical activities such as yoga benefit our health in many ways, builds our immune system, and helps us stay in a good mood. And that’s what matters the most for an unforgettable trip to your favorite place.


Figure 2 Being active means being healthy!

alt.tag: running shoes of a person who is jogging

6. Pack well for the road

One of the main tips for staying healthy while traveling is to be ready for anything that could happen. This means you should pack appropriately for the road, and here are the things to bring:

  • proper clothes – check the weather of your destination, and pack the clothes according to it. Don’t let yourself get a cold when you arrive or during the flight.
  • medications/therapies – in case you need to take some medications prescribed by your doctor, be sure to bring enough amount for the road. Don’t let yourself run out of them since you might not find the same medication in a foreign country.
  • aspirin, ibuprofen, and some cold meds
  • medication
  • s for an upset stomach, and antidiarrheals, in case you have a reaction to some food, climate change, or water from a different country.
  • the first-aid kit- there are lightweight travel first-aid kits you can easily pack in your bag.

As you have limited space when traveling, it’s best to pack these in travel containers – we advise keepingthem in your carry-on bags. This way, you’ll have everything you need and react quickly in case your luggage gets lost.

Travel First Aid Kit

Figure 3 Be ready for any unpredictable circumstances and bring a first-aid kit.

alt.tag: a first-aid kit in a red case on a table.

Protection is the key

The key to staying healthy while traveling is to be aware of dangers, and to protect yourself whenever you can. Precaution and prevention will keep you away from trouble, and make sure you travel well and come back home safely. That’s why these extra steps in taking care of your health surely pay off in the end when you are happily browsing photos from an unforgettable trip.

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