How To Identify Types of Tooth Pain?

How To Identify Types of Tooth Pain?

Toothaches are excruciatingly painful and disrupt normal eating habits as well as daily routine. The cause of toothache can be identified by locating where it is aching, how intense the pain is and for how long it has been aching. Here are some common types of toothache and what they usually mean.

1. Sensitivity Pain to Hot and Cold Food or Water

Teeth sensitivity to hot food and drinks like tea or cold food and drinks like ice cream and chilled water can often cause sharp shooting pains inside your teeth. If you feel that the sensitivity pain is becoming unbearable high, it might be due to some other concern. There can be various reasons to cause sensitivity. However, for most cases, it is due to a crack or fracture in the tooth which often calls for a dental implant. 

2. Incessant Aching in a Tooth

If the pain can be pinpointed to one single tooth, it is most likely that the tooth is decayed or severely cracked or fractured and needs a root canal. Judging by the degree of decay or disintegration, the dentist might suggest a root canal or a complete London dental implant. Root canal is the removal of the infected pulp and filling it with another material, saving the original tooth. A dental implant in London, however, is the removal of the original tooth and then putting in a metal post in its place. 

3. Gum Pain

If the pain is occurring in the gums instead of the teeth, it could be a sign of gingivitis. Gingivitis is a gum disease that causes acute pain in the gums accompanied with swollen and inflamed gums. You must consult a dentist who will treat your gums with specialised deep cleaning and medicines to get rid of the disease. 

4. Jaw Pain

If you wake up every morning with a headache, a dull pain in your jaw along with a toothache whose location you cannot pinpoint, you might be grinding your teeth while sleeping. Many people grind their teeth at night, completely unaware that they are doing so. Special mouth guards are available to prevent such grinding. Jaw pain can also be a symptom of ear infection as well. If you suspect so, get diagnosed from a health professional and seek apt treatment.

5. Throbbing Pain

People often get throbbing, sharp pain which is immensely excruciating. This can often result from infection in the teeth which causes severe pain. This kind of pain should never be ignored because if it turns out to be an infection, leaving it be for a long period of time can cause bone or tooth loss.

If you are suffering from toothache and you cannot really understand why it is occurring, the best bet is to consult  a dentist and get it properly checked. 

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