The results indicate a 2-5% decrease in house prices in the next five months in Australia. It is also predicted that the property price will decrease by 15% by the end of next year. This report shows that house and apartment prices will decrease between 2 and 5 percent by the end of the year. But the trend of falling prices will accelerate next year, and it is estimated that in 2023, property prices will decrease between 7 and 10 percent. According to this report, Sydney and Melbourne will witness the largest price drop. The decrease in real estate prices in these two cities is estimated to be 3 and 6 percent this year and 9 and 12 percent in the next year, respectively. Brisbane will not see much change this year, with property prices expected to rise by around 1% this year. But next year in the capital of Queensland, we will also see a 9% drop in property prices. But next year, for Hobart and Canberra, a decrease of 7 to 10 percent, and for Darwin, a decrease of 4 to 7 percent is predicted.  At the same time, contrary to the trend of other capitals, property price growth is predicted for Adelaide and Perth, and these cities will witness 2 and 5 percent price growth in the next year, respectively. Of course, it is not only the capital cities that follow the trend of falling property prices, and peripheral areas also take the path of reduction after two years of rapid price growth.

7 rules and regulations for renting a house in Australia

Before looking for a house, you should know about the rules and regulations of the real estate agency and renting a house. These include the following points: 1.      In Australia, you have nothing to do with the landlord. You don’t see him at all, and all your affairs are done by the estate agency. You even receive the house key from the estate agency and hand it over to the estate agency. Any damage in the house should be reported to the estate agency, and the estate agent will make the necessary arrangements and send the desired person for repair.   2.      Contracts are usually for one year, and if you do not renew the following year, the contract will automatically continue month to month. You must announce 28 days in advance that you want to leave the house. Otherwise, you should pay for the 28 days.   3.      Signing the lease: A lease is that contract between you and the owner of the property, which should include things such as the duration of your stay in that house, the amount of rent paid by you, and the time of payment. Also, if there is a special condition for that house, such as keeping pets, it should be mentioned in the contract. Any item regarding the rental property must be agreed upon with the real estate agency and recorded in the rental form before signing the contract.   4.      The agent will visit your home every three months and take pictures to make sure that you have not damaged the house.   5.      If you have rented a house and want to rent a part of it to someone else, be sure to see the terms written in the contract. In many contracts, the owner does not give you the right to rent the rental property.   6.      Payment of bond or deposit: The amount of the deposit is usually about one month to six weeks of rent, and this amount is kept by a legal authority until the house is delivered. After the house is delivered and the house is inspected by the representative of the real estate agency, the deposit will be refunded.   7.      Once you find the house you want and agree to rent it, you should carefully check everything related to the house before signing the contract. These items include a stove, plumbing, heating system, security system, and door and window locks. Of course, if you rent the house through a real estate agency, the representative of the agency will take pictures of all the parts and facilities of the house, and you are expected to deliver the house exactly with all of them .

Is home decoration important in Australia?

Having a home full of good feelings has a different meaning for each person and family, and in Australia, home design and decoration are very important. Many people in Australia prefer to use plants and wooden items in their homes to feel good; many like a quiet and romantic home and decorate the rooms with handmade candles . They use sculpture candles for the design of their living room; also, they even use Christmas candles during the New Year to decorate their homes.

What should we know about Australia?

climate of Australia as the main reason for their choice and escape the cold of Canada. Australia is a hundred-year-old country with a strong economy and a good labor market, which has beautiful nature. Australia is one of the vast parts of the Oceania continent and one of the largest countries in the world, located between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean in the southern hemisphere. Australia is called the land of golden acacia (Acacia pycnantha).

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