Surprising Health Challenges You Will Face in Old Age

Surprising Health Challenges You Will Face in Old Age

Everyone expects older people to have balance issues, falls (especially in the bathroom) and back pain. We caution them (and ourselves, as we age) against consuming cholesterol-heavy foods so as to keep heart disease at bay. It is also common knowledge that most aged people suffer from Type-II Diabetes.

We might also expect the elderly to be forgetful, not to mention technologically challenged! But beware, there are other big issues such as partial (or complete) loss of hearing, serious wearing down of teeth, dementia, osteoarthritis, cataracts, incontinence, and pressure ulcers. A lot of the time, these are overlooked as we plan and prepare for old age.

Old age — while we are on the subject — is the period postage 65, according to the United Nations.

Now, a growing chunk of 30-year-olds are showing interest in — and demand for — retirement-focused financial solutions, and many people in their forties are already looking at retirement homes. So clearly, it is never too early to start being realistic about the fact that life progresses only in one direction.

However, are there people Googling “ear machine price“, alongside “retirement plan with tax-saving”? Probably not!  Let us put the spotlight on 7 of the lesser-known problems linked to old age.

1)  Loss of hearing:

Loss of hearing is completely controllable with advancements made in technology today. Hearing aid and ear machine prices have also witnessed rationalization and diversification. The ear machine price is usually governed by its size (determining how visible it is) and of course its efficacy. Prices escalate as hearing deteriorates.

2)  Edentulism and other dental issues

Edentulism is the medical term for the condition of having no teeth. The aged tend to frequently suffer from edentulism as overtime, teeth corrode, and erode. The aged might also have trouble brushing thoroughly, or they might not get a proper brushing because someone else is doing it for them. This is a catalyst for the growth of acid-producing bacteria which in turn causes the tooth enamel to dissolve. If the tooth enamel no longer exists, it is more likely that the root canal will get infected, resulting in further infections and inflammation. Of course, this can be dealt with via root canal treatment, but the RCT of teeth price might be very high because of the sheer number of teeth that get affected.

3)  Dementia

If you’re concerned about RCT of teeth prices, check out the price for a full-time nurse, which is what one would need in cases where an aged person suffers from dementia. Keeping your mind and body active as you age, and maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle are recommended strategies for avoiding the onset of dementia.

4)  Osteoarthritis

The flexible tissue at the ends of bones wears down, which results in joint pain and all the loss of mobility and flexibility that comes with it.

5)  Cataracts

If you have seen a senior with a cataract, then you will know it appears as a sort of film or clouding of the eye. Cataracts can occur in one or both eyes. The patient will suffer from blurry vision. Cataract operations have been common, simple, and inexpensive procedures for many years now.

6)  Incontinence

This is one of the most embarrassing problems faced by seniors. Incontinence refers to the loss of bladder control. Seniors can experience less alarming levels of incontinence that occur only when they sneeze, cough, or laugh, or might experience a complete lack of bladder control.

7)  Pressure ulcers

Pressure ulcers, also known as bedsores, are probably one of the most unfair things to happen to someone who is bed-ridden because they are abrasions that occur on the skin due to continuously lying down, and therefore putting pressure on the skin. Moving positions frequently might help avoid getting bedsores.

Old age is admittedly no joy ride, but with a little planning, a healthy lifestyle, diligence, and TLC on your part, it could be made less unbearable. Moreover, you can break down your medical expenses such that they fit comfortably within your monthly earnings from your pension or retirement plan.

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