A Guide to Pre-launch Product Marketing

A Guide to Pre-launch Product Marketing

A good businessman keeps expectations real with no place for assumptions. When you are about to launch a product, you can create a buzz by targeting the right people online with the help of a digital marketing agency. This also gives you an idea of what people expect from your product. A pre-launch marketing campaign has an important role to play. Here is a step-by-step guide for pre-launch product marketing.

Create a Coming Soon Page to Collect Emails

Start engaging people before you launch your product. Create some expectations to make them learn more about your product. First of all, you need to create a coming soon page. Design this page with Search engine optimization in mind. It should be a simple page to serve only one purpose that is collecting emails. Make other details available on the homepage of your website. Once you have a list of emails of people interested in your product, start sending weekly or monthly updates to keep them engaged. Your last mail before the product launch should also include a link for them to see the product launch live.

Create Buzz With Content

You need to create quality content to keep your audience informed. Create some viral articles and guides and hire a digital marketing agency to boost those articles on the web. Create content that people will love to share. Generic content does not help. People have a short attention span. They have many online sources to get information. You must create very specific, to the point, outstanding content for your audience. It should be in-depth. Optimize the content using proper keywords. Make sure that you include links to sign up forms in the content.

Use it to inform your readers so that they can make an informed decision. Share your content in forums, relevant subreddits and Facebook groups. This 2-step opt-in process can significantly increase your conversion rates. Prompt a popup box when the user on the page moves the cursor to the cross icon on the browser. You can get 40% of your website visitors subscribe with a popup. However, you must create content that serves their intent. Collecting emails should not be the only goal. There are many free and premium plugins that you can install to create custom subscription popup boxes.

Guest Posting

You cannot start getting traffic to your website on the very first day. Your target audience is already engaged with some other online resources. Use those resources to drive traffic to your website. Create content that people will love to publish on their blogs. Guest posting for pre-launch marketing is a repeatable strategy. Write posts for blogs getting high traffic. High domain authority pages transfer authority to linked pages and also drive more traffic. Direct this traffic to the coming soon page.

Guest posting is not a difficult digital marketing strategy. Take the following steps:


First of all, you need to find popular blogs offering content that is relevant to your product. These blogs should have high domain authority and high traffic.


Write a share-worthy article and pitch it. Choose a topic that is relevant to the blog’s audience and your audience. Make sure that the topic is not already covered on the blog. It must be well-optimized content with the right keywords and keyword density. If your article is published, send a nice thank you email. You will get a link to your website.

Keep Updating with Product Development

There is an app for every social media platform and people are always logged in. These apps send notifications that appear on the screen of their smartphones. They spend hours on social media platforms. Use social media to increase your following and keep your followers informed. This is a great PR strategy that will build your product publicly. Share your articles on your social media profiles to drive more traffic to the coming soon page. Social media is also the best place to engage with other professionals.

To get quick and best results, find a digital marketing agency that is specialized in product launch marketing.